Jacksonville Vacation Rental Management

Vacation Rental Investment is an exciting alternative to the traditional long term rental property approach, and many investors are beginning to incorporate Vacation Rental strategies into their investment model.

Whether you have a second home that you use as a vacation home for your family, or you are an active investor who wants to target investment properties specifically to be used as Vacation Rentals, a vacation rental management program can capitalize on your passive asset and generate revenue for you during the times that you are not using the property. Managed in this way, vacation homes often will provide sufficient revenue in part of the month to cover all of your expenses associated with owning that property. It really can be a win-win – you own a great vacation home to use as you see fit, and someone else pays for it when you are not using it!

If you are interested in exploring a Vacation Rental strategy and would like to speak with someone about whether your home would make a great Vacation Rental, you can check out our sister Brokerage HouseHub LLC which is a specialized Vacation Rental Management and Services member of the Lighthouse family.

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